Explain Issues Associated With The Classification And/Or Diagnosis Of Depression.

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There are many issues with the classification and diagnosis of depression.  

One issue is the fact that there are some people who strongly believe that depression should not be medicalised. They argue that all humans have mood levels, so it is very natural for someone’s mood to go up and down- people can recover without medical treatment.  However, there are also others who argue mood can show extreme manifestations and can serious illnesses which could then potentially lead to death, so they argue that depression should be medicalised- it should be treated in the same way you would treat other physical changes such as sugar levels and high temperature.

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Another issue is the fact that it can prove to be rather difficult to make distinctions between types of depressions. For example, a person who is suffering from bipolar may have the same symptoms as a person who is suffering from unipolar, so a person could potentially end up being misdiagnosed and be given treatment which may have no effect on the depression that they are suffering from.

Another issue is the fact that depression can remain under diagnosed in children because the symptoms are displayed differently in children. The depressive symptoms in children are irritability rather than ...

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