Genie Case study summary

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Genie Genie was a girl discovered at age 13 who had suffered extreme privation. This was mostly down to her father who was the main reason for the abuse. Genie was the third born in her family. The first born was a girl who irritated the father so he put her in the garage and she died of pneumonia aged 2. The second born was a boy who went to live with the grandmother where he thrived and was later returned to his original parents. Three years after this Genie was born. She was a normal healthy baby. Soon after this Genies fathers mother was hit
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by a truck and Genies father moved the family into her house and cut off access to the outside world. He then isolated Genie completely, by tying her to the potty chair in her room for all of the day, and then tying her to her crib throughout the night. She was separated from the rest of the family, and had little stimulation. If she ever made a noise for attention, she would be beaten and so stopped. Genie’s brother imitated the father by not speaking to her, and soon Genie’s mother went blind and found it difficult to speak ...

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