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5th, Dec, 2007.


The direct observation of the fully integrated functioning of living human brains will probably always be impossible, although many rapidly evolving technological advances are bringing us closer to this goal. In recent years, much progress has been made in understanding how the brain woks. In order to understand the brain better, many techniques and methods has been invented and used for investigating the brain.


The objectives of this essay are to know and understand more methods of investigating the brain, and evaluate these methods, so that we can choose and control them well.


This essay describes some methods which are used to investigate and study the brain. These methods are evaluated. By reading the evaluations, we can make better choices when we need them.


  1. CT scanner

2.  MRI

3. Lesion studies

4. Stimulation techniques

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  1. CT scanner---It is a special kind of X-ray machine. Instead of sending out a dingle X-ray through your body as with ordinary X-rays, several beams are sent simultaneously from different angles. The X-rays from the beams are detected after they have passed through the body and their strength is measured. .(from website) A computer can use this information to work out the relative density of the tissues examined. Each set of measurements made by the scanner is, in effect, a cross-section through the body.
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This method is used to produce virtual images, which means a surgeon would see images inside during an operation.  (a authoritative doctor) said that:

‘The CT scanner was originally designed to take pictures of the brain. Now it is much more advanced and is used for taking pictures of virtually any part of the body.
The scanner is particularly good at testing for bleeding in the brain, for aneurysms (when the wall of an artery swells up), brain tumours and brain damage. It can also find tumours and abscesses throughout the body and is   used to assess types of ...

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