Outline and Evaluate one biological therapy and one psychological therapy for schizophrenia

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Outline and evaluate one biological therapy for schizophrenia and one psychological therapy for schizophrenia. (8 marks + 16 marks)


The main type of drug therapy for schizophrenia are antipsychotic drugs.They are considered the most effective because they allow the patient to function in society to a reasonable extent and feel like they have abit more control.Antipsychotic drugs can come in many forms , one being typical drugs like Chloropiazine where it is believed that schizophrenia is caused by the neurotransmitter dopamine so the drugs attach to the dopamine receptors so they isnt as much dopamine in the syynapse which reduces the positive symptoms like delusions and hallunications.There are also atypical drugs like clorapine which avoid some of the side effects as the old drugs by controlling serotonin levels aswell.

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There is supporting evidence for this e.g Julien which found that neuroleoptics are effective in relieving positive symptoms and allow patients to be able to live outside insitutional care.This suggests that antipsychotic are effective to an certain extent in allowing schizophrenia sufferers to be able to try and live a normal life. But antipsyhotics arent effective treatment for schizophrenia because it doesnt relieve negative symptoms of schizophrenia which are the symptoms that would prevent from socializing effectively in first place.

A limitation of drug therapy is the side effects that it brings.Research shows that 26% of patients who have undertook ...

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