Outline and evaluate Piagets theory of cognitive development (9+16marks)

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Outline and evaluate Piaget’s theory of cognitive development (9+16marks) Piaget’s theory of cognitive development focuses on two factors that play a role in the development; the environment and biological maturation. Piaget identifies the child as a scientist, that it’s about self-discovery and that the knowledge shouldn’t just be passed down because it prevents the child from learning anything for themselves. He also focuses on how cognition determines language, how adaptation to the environment is through two schemas (assimilation and accommodation), each of the four stages differ from each other and finally that development is as a result of biological maturation. Piaget identified four stages and four mechanisms linking to his theory of cognitive development. The four mechanisms include; schema (a package of knowledge/behaviour that’s applied to a specific aspect of the world), accommodation (previously learnt knowledge/behaviour is transferred to another aspect of the world), assimilation (previously learnt knowledge/behaviour is linked to a new aspect of the world) and finally equilibration (this is maintaining balance between the individual and the world and links in with two processes which are assimilation and accommodation). Piaget’s four stages include firstly sensori-motor stage that occurs between the ages of 0-18 months and continues into later life. This is when the child is becoming aware of
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their senses such as by putting items into their mouths and looking into an area where the noise is being made. Object permanence is the awareness that something can exist independently of us and continue to exist without our observation. Piaget carried out a study based on object permanence linking to the sensori motor stage. This study included a blanket and a teddy bear. Firstly the child was encouraged to play with the toy but then their attention was distracted. If the child was looking around for the teddy bear then it showed that they had developed object permanence. Piaget ...

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