Sibling Rivalry

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How many times have you heard people saying that they were annoyed by their brother or sister? Probably many. The most usual situation however is that siblings have trouble sharing parent’s love, attention, common belongings, friends and responsibilities. If you do have siblings then you probably wished at least ones in your life that you were the only child in the family. All those factors leads to so called Sibling rivalry founded by (David Levy 1941) claiming that for an older sibling aggressive reaction to the new baby is so typical that it is safe to say it is a common aspect of family life.

Sibling rivalry is defined as competition between siblings for the love, affection and attention of one or both parents or for other recognition or gain.

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Jealousy is a normal reaction that al children experience. A child who feels threatened of losing parental affection and love may react with rejection or hate towards a new sibling who is often perceived as an’ intruder’ ( Leung 1991)

Legg et al interviewed the parents of 21 children over the period when a second child was born and found that sibling rivalry in the form of regressive behavior was present in most of the first born children. Trause reported that with the birth of a second child there was an increase in behavioural problems in 92% of 31 ...

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