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All Genetic Engineering is essentially wrong Discuss.

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?All Genetic Engineering is essentially wrong? (10 marks) ________________ Genetic engineering is the active modification of genetic coding to make it more ?suitable? for the application in question. There are 3 main subtypes of Genetic Engineering: Plant, Human and animal (such as dolly the sheep). For this essay I will concentrate on Genetic Engineering in Humans and plants. One application of Genetic Engineering is when the genetics of one child can be used to help another who is ill. For example if the child?s parents have a child who has cancer but has the possibility of being saved by another child (of the same genetic group, ie. ...read more.


However Singer would argue that the child is a level two being and as such should be disposed of and recreated. Some modern religious Ethicists would disagree with singer and the catholic church and argue that the sanctity of life is the most important factor. Another application of Genetic Engineering is the modification of Plant species to suit a new purpose. For example if Companies deconstructed the genetic coding of corn crops and made it less dependent on water this could yield crops for dryer countries and as such improve their wellbeing- economically (as they would have crops to sell) and physically (As they would have food to eat). ...read more.


This is because the production of GM seeds is not controlled by any regulatory body and as such is subject to the average market demand. This means that the purchase of their seeds one year could be a lot cheaper than the purchase of the seeds next year, as in theory the demand for the seeds would increase and increase the price with it. This would leave the people without the crops for that year. Also as the effects of the crops are unknown, it isn?t guaranteed that they will not of damaged the land. Therefore it can be argued that the production of GM products is immoral. Although it could be argued that banning them is a restriction of choice for poor people in the BRIC countries and developed countries. To conclude, The Genetic Engineering isn?t always wrong. ...read more.

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