Analyse Wiles view on miracles

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Analyse Wiles’ view on miracles

Miracles are defined as events which seem to defy the laws of nature, and are sometimes interpreted as acts of god by religious people. The legitimacy of miracles have always been debated by philosophers. Maurice Wiles was a philosopher in the 20th century who wrote his view on miracle in his book God’s Action in the World. His argument was that God would not act in the world or break his own laws of nature.

Wiles put his argument forward in 3 statements. Firstly he says, if miracles are violations of the laws of nature they have to occur infrequently to avoid the concepts of laws of nature becoming meaningless. In other words, if miracles actually happened, God would make them very uncommon in order to ensure that humans did not think that the laws of nature are not strict and absolute laws that are always followed.
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The second statement is that the pattern of miracles appears strange. By this he means that miracles that the church and people have recorded are too random in nature and in the times that they have happened. If God was to act in the world, he would make his miracles more iconic less random.

Lastly, Wiles says that the large amount of evil events that are not prevented by God raises questions about God’s omnipotence and goodness. Wiles is saying that if God intervenes to perform miracles, he would’ve also intervened to prevent evil events, such as ...

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