Aristotle's four causes

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Aristotle’s four causes.

This theory was implemented as a way to explain the reason behind why objects exist. The final cause is also linked to the prime move, which is an explanation as to how the world started and what our final cause is. In this explanation, we will use the example of a marble statue in order to reflect the causes.

The first cause is The Material Cause. This asks the question, what is the object made of. In the example of the state, it is made of marble. As all materials can change, this particular cause represents change in the way that all materials have potential, they can change, and so, like our world, the materials can change in the same way that an objet can.

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The second cause is the Efficient Cause. This asks the question, how was the object made? For the statue, it was made by the mason. However, this cause is not always a person, for example, trees are made from the soil, water and oxygen, not but a human, however, this can be questioned as our universe is an object, but who created that? The big bang? God? This will later be discussed.

The third cause is the Formal Cause. This asks what are the characteristics of the object. In the example of the statue, it is hard, inanimate ...

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