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AS and A Level: Buddhism

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  1. Christianity and Judaism

    Bible experts believe that these scrolls belonged to monks (70CE), who stored their writings in airtight jars to keep them safe, so the Romans wouldn't find them. The Holy Land Palestine is a small country. It is a land of many contrasts. There are snow-capped mountains in the north, and a desert area in the south. In between, there are low hills and fertile valleys. The weather in Palestine is usually hot during the day, but it can get cold at night.

    • Word count: 3596
  2. Today is a result of yesterday, tomorrow is a result of today.(TM) To what extent is this statement an apt representation of Buddhist ethics?

    The difference though, is that in Buddhism only a very advanced bodhisattva is permitted to break with the traditional values, while situation ethics can be applied by anyone with a loving heart: This can thus be understood as in Buddhism, a Bodhisattva can act unethically and leave no imprint on the future, yet an unenlightened Buddhists actions will have a negative impact. Many religions emphasise the importance of the notion of good and bad actions, however in Buddhism, pre-determining actions to be good or bad would be a fruitless exercise - Buddhists believe that reality of Dharma is beyond the concepts of good and bad; it contains both good and bad unseparated in a pre-conceptual state.

    • Word count: 5655

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