Critically discuss Nietzsches idea that his new morality would be beyond good and evil.

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Critically discuss Nietzsche’s idea that his new morality would be beyond good and evil (45 marks)

Modern Europe has had a revolt in its morals; strong free and happy action has now become labelled as immoral and corrupt. In the eyes of the revolutionaries, the herd, this brings them security and safety. The herd have managed to convince previous philosophers that this morality is a ‘given’, and as such these philosophers have attempted to find rational arguments to support it. Nietzsche argues that we should go beyond good and evil, that actions should not be judged as moral or immoral in themselves, into an era that is for the individual to make the best out of it, and themselves, as they possibly can. This so called ‘new morality’ is for the ‘higher’ men to ascend to greatness.

Morality is a product of historical development. In the Pre moral era, 2an actions value or lack of value was determined by its consequences; the action itself was taken into consideration as little as its origin” §32.  No one had heard of the imperative “know thyself” §32.

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Culture and technology advanced and changed and man entered into the first stage of the moral era. As society change, so did values and morality – certain individuals became valued over others; such as the aristocracy. This time was “a considerable refinement in the perceptions and standards” §32. The origin and the kind of person performing the deed became more important.

But then a terrible mistake is committed. The second stage of the moral era had begun. In “determining the value of an action not by its consequences, but by its origins” §32, the “doer” and the “deed” had become ...

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