"Do you agree that Cathy O'Dowd and here fellow mountaineers had no choice but to leave Fran "to die"?"

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Leo Kennedy 4M                                                                               04/05/2007

“Don’t leave me here to die”

“Do you agree that Cathy O’Dowd and here fellow mountaineers had no choice but to leave Fran “to die”?”

In the newspaper article Cathy O’Dowd clearly tries to make the reader believe that she did the right thing.  She identifies this in the sub heading “she faced a brutal choice: to risk her own life in a doomed rescue”, noticeably the word “doomed” shows there was a severe risk of danger in any rescue attempt.  I believe that in a way writing this article has allowed Cathy O’Dowd to exorcise some of her guilt, Cathy wants to explain her experience in full and get the reader to empathise with her.  Finally, it may also be possible that Cathy wants to show the story in a feminine perspective.

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The article does undoubtedly give many good reasons why not to attempt to save Fran. But I am not completely shore that they had “no choice but to leave Fran”.  The fact that there were nine people on the mountain and that together they couldn’t even try to help rescue Fran is rather peculiar. I don’t know what others would do, but I would at least try to help, rather than to just leave her “to die”.  Also, Cathy states that they had been with Fran “for nearly an hour” pondering over what to do, this completely wastes time ...

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