Evaluate the role of love in situation ethics

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‘Evaluate the role of love in situation ethics’

Situation ethics is a teleological, relative ethical theory which is based on love.The theory uses motive and states that any rules can be bended if love is best served. Situation ethics is most commonly associated with philosopher such as Joseph Fletcher and JAT Robinson who developed it in the 1960s. A feature of situation ethics is agape which is a Greek term which means 'selfless love'. Fletcher stated that the rule of his theory was that agape love is essential and should be applied to every situation. He used the example of Jesus' quote in the New Testament which was "love thy neighbour" expressing that everyone should consider agape love before making decisions.

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Fletcher says that any law can be bended in order to make the most loving action. Fletcher uses the term ‘best interest’ which relates into doing whatever will have the best outcome in any situation. This term also links into Singers theory of Utilitarianism which is preference utilitarianism. Both philosophers are looking for the best interests of everybody and not harming anyone.

Another feature of situation ethics are the six working principles, one of them is that love is always good, a quote from Fletcher "nothing itself in or itself except love" this quote shows that love ...

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