Examine different religious beliefs about the nature and purpose of life

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Examine different religious beliefs about the nature and purpose of life

Intro- What is my purpose in life is a question asked by many people as they ponder the reasons for their existence.  Different religion have different views about what’s they thing the nature and purpose of life is. In this essay I will be exploring these different views and comparing how similar and different each religion is


Purpose :


  • In the Christian view, everybody who was ever and will be born on this planet have a reason and a purpose.
  • Each person will be different, but everybody was born for a special reason that God had planned for their life even before they were born.
  • God has a predetermined plan for everyone's lives, which is called God's Will. The thing is that all who believe in the Lord, repent of their sins, and believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died for their own sins and the sins of everyone else in the world, will one day end up living in heaven for all of eternity
  • A place of joy, peace, and endless time to praise and worship God is th purpose of life
  • So, the Christian view of the purpose of life is to bring glory to God by living righteously, bringing others to the faith, and following His Will.
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  • for Muslims the purpose of life is to obey Allah and to worship him.
  • Submission to Allah includes obeying the Five Pillars.
  • Throughout their life, Muslims should be always conscious of Allah (Taqwa) and their responsibilities to him.
  • Being conscious of Allah helps Muslims to live a godly life and not to give into temptation.
  • Muslims believe that life is a test and that on the Day of Judgement everyone will be judged on both their actions and their intentions.
  • For Muslims this life has purpose because it will determine where they spend the afterlife


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