Explain how a follower of Christianity would respond to abortion

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Explain how a follower of a religion you have studied would respond to abortion (25 marks)

I have studied Christian ethics. There are several aspects of Christianity that would be against abortion. For example, extracts from the Bible and the Natural Law theory. However there are some pro-choices Christian ethics theories such as situation ethics and the lesser of two evils belief.

Firstly, some Christians believe the Bible is the word of God and cannot be questioned. In the Old Testament, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. One of the commandments is thou shalt not kill. This implies that we should never take a human life, and so abortion is wrong. The Divine Command theory states that everything that God commands is good. Therefore Christians who believe in this would also believe that abortion is wrong.

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In the genesis story, God is said to have made man ‘in his own image’. When God made us in his own image he made us special. And so, humans are sacred and God loves us so we have no right to take a life, even if the foetus is disabled.

The Sanctity of Life is an argument that a Christian could use to argue against abortion. The Sanctity of Life is the belief that all life is sacred and belongs to God. God is responsible for all creation and only he can give or take life. Therefore humans have ...

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