Explain how the bible shows god as a creator

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a) Explain how the bible shows god as a creator (25)

in the bible it explains how god is the creator creating the world in Genesis 1-3, this is excepted without question without having the matter debating. The nature of God is seen in passages of Genesis, Job, Psalm and Isaiah.

Within the Judeao Christian tradition there are number of key things that are meant when God is described as Creator:

  1. God causes the universe to exist
  2. God is responsible for the universe coming into existence and existing at every moment
  3. God is responsible for everything which exist within the universe

These ideas derived from the bible .The Judeao Christian Tradition believe that God is the creator of everything and is taken for granted, for example a early summary of a Christian belief called the Apostles Creed open with words ‘ I believe in God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth’.  

In this passage of Genesis 1:1 when God created the heavens and the earth, it shows the belief in God as creator centres on the idea of God creating the earth in the Genesis. His spirit/breath /wind moves the earth and shapes it, he commands that there is light, darkness, stars and the moon, fish in the sea, birds in heaven and so on. This demonstrate God being everything in one as it shows that he is omnipotent-all powerful because he has the power to shape and create his world out of nothing.

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In the Genesis 2, the second creation, it refers God walking in the garden in the cool of the day. This shows that the image of god walking into the garden is very human one however in the bible it is pictured as being above all creation, responsible for everything in it and the universe itself continuing to exist. Isaiah 40 describes God watching over creation and the people in the creation is compared to grasshoppers in the sight of God. In the Judeao tradition that matters is that God is in control of his creation and is responsible for ...

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