Explain the fundamental ideas of resurrection and immortality of the soul. (18)

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(a) (i) Explain the fundamental ideas of resurrection and Immorality of the soul. (18)

One fundamental idea is the relationship between the mind and body and the criteria of self which affects the immorality of the soul and resurrection theory. Other fundamental ideas for resurrection include how we receive this new body and Hick’s Replica theory which provides the framework to show why resurrection is logically possible. Immorality of the soul is defined as the idea that the soul lives on after death of the body, whereas resurrection is the belief that after death, the body will rise again in bodily form or in a spiritual body that resembles the former individual.
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The mind and body problem is the debate of whether the mind and body are the same thing or can they be separated. The criteria for self effects fundamental ideas of the afterlife. Descartes for instance believes in dualism, the concept that the body and soul are two distinctive substances. He asserts the idea that the res cogitans is thinking and unextended whereas the res extensa is unthinking and extended; therefore as he states in Mediation 6 ‘my mind (…) is entirely and truly distinct from my body and may exist without it.” This is because since the ...

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