Explain the Platonic concepts of the Forms.

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Explain the Platonic concepts of the Forms.

As seen in Plato’s Allegory of the cave, the Forms play an important part in Plato’s theory of the World of the Forms. The Forms can also be seen in essences of concepts in the World of Appearances.

The Forms were originally sighted in the Allegory of the Cave within Plato’s book ‘The Republic’. The Allegory of the Cave told of how a prisoner escaped from his world of false reality, the World of Appearances, and through hard searching discovered the World of the Forms, the truth. Once there, the prisoner, Socrates, discovered the truth and all things true, which led him to discover that the world he had known before was a lie, and so he decided to teach others of his discovery.

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Through Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, his theory of two separate worlds becomes clear, representing his dualist ideas. It is clear that there are two realms in the eyes of Plato. The World of Appearances and the World of the Forms. The WOA is the empirical world which our material body resides in, however Plato’s theory means that what we can sense around us (for example a chair) is just a mere shadow of the perfect version which exists in the world of Forms. The perfect version of a chair is one in which for fills its purpose e.g. to ...

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