Give an account of the ontological argument for the existence of God

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  1. Give an account of the ontological argument for the existence of God.  

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Ontological means “concerned with being.” God’s existence is one of the most common and significant questions asked by man though all time. The ontological argument is seen as a priori argument. A priori argument is bases on a general principle before any evidence is produced, it is based on logic. There are many philosophers who have tried to find out the truth about God’s existence. One of the main philosophers who argues that God exists is Anslem. He says that God is described as “that than which nothing greater can be conceived.” God exists in both the mind and in reality. This is a good part of the argument because if he exists in the mind, you can make improvements on him for when he exists in reality. God is described as having necessary existence, there is nothing else out in the world that could have created or destroyed him.  If this was the case then it would mean that there is something more powerful out there than can destroy God and he would then be affected by time and space just like the rest of us. The world is full of contingent beings, but God is not one of those he does not depend on anyone for his existence. He is not affected by time and space, if he was then he would be a limited being like everyone else. God has NO limits. God must have necessary existence and be a supremely perfect being otherwise we would be taking away his definition, and then he would become a contingent being and be affected by time and space. God therefore must have necessary existence.

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Decartes, who is a supporter of the Ontological argument, continued Anslem’s ideas. He says that by the word God we mean a supremely perfect being. He is a very important person and does not have any flaws. You cannot improve on perfection.   For God to lack existence, it would mean that God is lacking perfection and that cannot be the case. In his book, Meditation, Decartes wrote that there are some qualities that an object necessarily had. He stated that existence is a necessary part of the existence of God. Just like a triangle needs to have three sides, ...

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