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God Hates Divorce. God in His infinite wisdom and knowledge gives us the person that will be best suitable for us.

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'God Hates Divorce' When Adam was alone The LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him" .Gen.2:18. Under marriage covenant man and woman come together to serve a divine purpose and a role. Man can serve this purpose and role only if they are united and married. The moment they get divorced the unity is destroyed and they fail to serve the divine purpose and role that God wants them to fulfill while they are married and united. God gave a command to the first couple in the Garden of Eden to be fruitful. This command of God only a couple can carry out and the moment they get divorced they fail to carry out this divine command and we have to keep in mind that this command was given to men before their fall and even after the fall men are bound to keep this command. This shows us how important is this command and why God hates divorce so much. ...read more.


Then it becomes easier for that person to get into more and more sins as there is no one to show him his fault and give account to for all the wrong doings. Divorce affects our relationship with God, our relationship with one another, our relationship with the children and our relationship with the society. God cannot use a divorce person to reflect His glory and to show His image to His people. That person turns into an instrument of devil. There are so many reasons for all wise and all knowing God to hate divorce. God with His infinite wisdom can see the infinite danger that lies in divorce. Man cannot see the infinite danger that lies in divorce that is why man can take this decision of divorce without much thinking and considerations. God in His infinite wisdom and knowledge gives us the person that will be best suitable for us. We take it granted that suitable means comfortable. Something could be very suitable for us but at the same time it could be very painful and uncomfortable. ...read more.


We need to see what God wants us to see and to understand what God wants us to understand. God in His sovereignty allows us to go through all the bitter and painful experiences to make us more like Jesus and to draw us nearer to Him and to teach us how God feels when we sin against Him. We need to learn how to bow down to the sovereignty of God and to stop bow down to sin or to give in to sin. God hates the sin of divorce because He does not like separation or division. Divorce is the worst ingratitude towards God's greatest gift and blessing in our life. The moment we stop giving thanks and praises to God for our spouses we are on the way to be ingratitude for the gift that God by His mercy and kindness gave us. Our Lord Jesus suffered and died on the cross and chose to be separated from God to keep us united with one another and with God. Our Lord Jesus chose to suffer and die to keep us united and one. So we must choose to suffer and die to remain united, one and married for the sake of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. ...read more.

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