How does the Judeo-Christian tradition solve Euthyphros dilemma

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 Asses the claim that God created humanity for a purpose

        Many people object to this statement due to a variety of reasons. Some question, if God created humanity for a purpose why would he want us to suffer, why would such an almighty one create something that results in the pain of others. This view may come from an Atheists point of view. An atheist could object the statement, ‘"That if there is a God then there would be no suffering therefore there must be no God". There are many incidents throughout history which back up this belief such as, the holocaust in the Second World War. Millions of innocent Jewish people where brutally killed due to the ludicrous decisions of one man. Surely such suffering is not a purpose for humanity. All the wars that have ever taken  place in History also back up this argument that if there was a God  would he not have stopped all this mass suffering before it happened or using his powers bring peace. According to the scriptures God is more than able to carry out tasks such as ending the suffering of the world. He is omnipotent, meaning he is all powerful, nothing is impossible for him. Furthermore he is described as omniscient and omnibonevolent, which states he is all loving and all knowing. How can it be possible that such a well described character allow major flaws in day to day life such as suffering and evil? Surely evil and suffering are not a purpose of humanity.

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Although many people, are convinced by the complexions of day to day life and that someone must have had some degree of input. For such perfections of life to fall randomly and by chance are viewed as near impossible. From a Christian point of view, the bible can be used to answer some of the atheist objections of why God allows suffering in this world. Some may interpret the bible to say, suffering is a test, some of us must suffer for the greater good. Jesus was nailed to the cross to prove he is everlasting (the greater good). If ...

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