Humes criticism of the cosmological argument do not succeed. Discuss (10)

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Hume’s criticism of the cosmological argument do not succeed. Discuss (10)

The Cosmological argument cannot succeed giving the evidence of Hume’s criticisms. The most famous expression of the Cosmological Arguments is known as Saint Thomas Aquinas' 'Five Ways,' seen as proofs of God's existence. These ways are formatted from the use of ‘posteriori' knowledge, and because of this we can be uncertain of the validity if this theory. A posterior reasoning can only offer us probability, and not conclusive proof. Finding truth from our experiences/ senses can be doubted as we can be false judgments or get things wrong.

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However Aquinas stressed that everything in our universe is moving or changing, and as we know it there is nothing that can be moved by its self. For example, there needs to be a match to set the fire. This conclusion led to the idea that there cannot be an infinite regress; therefore there must have been a starting point where it all began. So from this evidence Aquinas thought of a Prime Mover (God) who began the chain of events. This Prime Mover, who is unchanging, must have the power to change things thus starting the domino effect ...

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