Is Killing Ever Morally Justifiable?

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Most moral codes forbid murder; murder is against the law in most countries and people will most often be punished for murder and even in the bible, murder is considered wrong, it says “thou shalt not kill” in the 10 commandments. From and absolutists view, killing is never justifiable, it is always wrong and it can never be right but a relativist thinks killing can be justified depending on the circumstances and being a relativist I do think that killing can be justified.

I believe morals are objective – they are not black and white and every person has a different way of thinking and one cannot determine whether or not a person’s actions are morally wrong unless you are that person. Killing is a tragedy but if the person believes it is right because of their circumstances, religion or culture then the person would believe there is a just cause. For example, if there were a group of people hiding in a forest from someone with a gun and one of the people was a mother with a baby and the baby was crying and so the mother killed it in order keep the rest of the group safe, then I think that is justifiable as killing that one child saved the lives of many. Another example is that in Islam, people kill lambs in order to make sacrifices and this is part of their religion and so they believe it is right even though other might not.

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I believe killing without reason is wrong and not justifiable at all but things like war, euthanasia and abortion. In war, you are killing an armed combatant and I do not believe that is wrong but to purposely kill an unarmed, non-combatant person is murder. I don’t think war is wrong because it is most of the time necessary. For example, a few years Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad vowed to wipe Israel of the map and the only thin Israelis could do was to defend their country from the Iranians through war. On the other hand, war is sometimes unnecessary, ...

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