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Is the claim 'within' the Islamic family, the father rules accurate

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Family Life Essay Is the claim 'within' the Islamic family, the father rules accurate (20 marks) Family life is the basis of the Islamic society, the function of the family is to provide care and promote the acceptance of Islam by the children. The role of the women is most important in the family. She is the one who should keep a halal home, making sure that all food and dress laws are kept and that the children learn to say their prayers. Also according to the Shariah, which is the Islamic Law for Muslims, says that the role of the husband is to provide financially for the family and has obligations to take care of his wife. ...read more.


they will live a perfect Muslim life. The teaching of Islam is that women should have total equality in religion and education, the Qur'an states 'Whoever works righteous, man or woman and has faith, verily to him will We give a new life (16:97) but however there is no doubt that Islam has raised the status of women from what it had been in Arabia but as you can see from the Qur'anic verse 'Women have the same rights in relation to their husbands as are expected in all decency of them; while men stand a step above them' (2:222) men and women can never be fully equal in Islam. ...read more.


So in conclusion it may seem the father may have more power however with that comes a lot of duties and responsibilities to perform, as you can see from the Qur'anic verse 'The man has full responsibility for the maintenance of his family' (4:34). So therefore the share of the mans inheritance is more than the woman's is because his need is seen to be greater and its seen that women should be spared from the struggles and worries so that she can give full attention to the home and family. ...read more.

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