Jesus was more interested in teaching people how to behave rather than what to believe, discuss.

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“Jesus was more interested in teaching people how to behave rather than what to believe in”. Critically asses this claim

If the bible it to be taken literally than one crucial question arises in the New Testament. Then why did Jesus, son of God leave the splendour, holiness and perfection of heaven to come sinful mound that is earth. There are two probable answers, either he came to teach morals and belief or he came to model manners and teach his followers the correct way to behave under their circumstances.

One key argument for Jesus teaching behaviour comes from the contradictions in the Sermon on the Mount opposed to other biblical teachings. Within the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus seems to say things which seem contradictory to teachings beforehand. One such example is “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”. Jesus seems to be teaching his followers to be submissive which is not a belief as such but rather advice to the Jewish people to help them survive under oppressive roman rule. If Jesus was to have taught his people to speak up against authorised figures then many would have died doing so. This seems to be backed up by; “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled”. Seemingly in this quote, Jesus is teaching his followers to not worry take action on their oppressors, but instead keep faith in God to do so for them. Overall these teachings seem to be more directed towards subduing the behaviour of his followers so that they could not be threatened under oppressive Roman rule.

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On the other hand, it may be argues that Jesus’ sole purpose was teaching belief. This view has also been adopted into modern day Catholicism, as Pope Francis said that if non-believers follow their conscience, it is possible for them to enter the kingdom of heaven. Furthermore throughout Jesus’ time on earth he performs miracles in order to aspire belief not alter behaviour. Via raising Lazarus from the dead and giving a blind man site he instilled wonder and belief for his followers to spread, in no way changing their behaviours. Also, it is thought that God is a logical ...

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