The Possession of Virtue Leads to a Happy Life. Discuss

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May 12, 2014

Nicomachean Ethics Essay

The Possessions of Virtue Leads to a Happy Life

Most authoritative sciences have been substantiated after a lot of research and accepted by authorities in their respective fields, work not only for the individual good but also for the collective group. Though procuring individual good is not a bad thing, the good brought about for a collective group, such as a city or a country is much more higher and nobler because it is for the human good, as opposed to the individual good. Therefore, gaining knowledge of the good is a crucial part of our lives. There is a vast diversity where goods are concerned. According to Aristotle, “Knowledge of the matters that concern political science will prove beneficial to those who follow reason both in shaping their desires and in acting.” (Nicomachean Ethics, 1095a- 3) Political science is one of the authoritative sciences that have guiding principles that would prove beneficial for those who want to live life with great self-restraint, because it helps to mold or shape their actions and desires. The quality of self- restraint is a virtue by itself and therefore, possessing this virtue leads to a happy life.

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The possession of the friendship of virtue leads to a happy life. Every individual makes rational choices or does actions to attain the outcome which is good. However, the virtue of good is not something that is universal, because good is compartmentalized based upon its substance, its quality and its relation. Since they are three different things, it is not possible to give all of them a common Form. Good can be divided into two – good for the sake of itself and good for the sake of something else. The masses look upon the virtue of happiness through ...

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