Assignment 2 M3 Specialist and Non specialist lab

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Assignment 2


In this assignment I am going to compare a non-specialist and a specialist laboratory.

Non-Specialist Laboratory:

An example of a non-specialist laboratory would be a school science laboratory; the lab would have standard safety equipment such as safety goggles, protective clothing, aprons and gloves. The lab will only have equipment needed for a practical the students will be carrying out so the equipment they will use equipment such as Bunsen burner, test tubes, test tube racks, stands and clamps, thermometer and for a different experiment the students might use equipment such as power packs, batteries, cell holder and bulbs.

The science lab will have a first aid kit and eye wash stations. The lab will also have other safety equipment such as fire extinguisher, fire blanket and a sand bucket.

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This kind of lab would be used by secondary school students to carry out general practicals such as animal dissections, titrations of a chemical and testing electric circuit for voltage and current change.

My non-specialist lab has the following equipment:

  • New fast and efficient computers to be able to do research and type up work
  • New student benches with integrated gas taps and plug sockets so that they are easily accessible during a practical.
  • New teachers’ desk with draws and cupboard built in so storing documents and work is easy and also easily accessible as well as keeping it ...

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