Biological Model of Abnormality

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Biological Model of Abnormality

        The Biological model suggests there are four possible causes of mental illness, the subject’s genes, biochemistry, infection and neuroanatomy.

        Neuroanatomy, or the nervous system, could be to blame for abnormality, because many Schchizophrenics have irregularly shaped brains comparison to normal people. Yet it is not clear if this is a cause or effect of the illness, all we know is that there is a correlation.

There is also a correlation between schizophrenics and biological abnormalities, like high amounts of dopamine. Biochemical factors could be to blame for being mentally ill due to imbalances in their brain chemistry, such as too much or too little of a particular neurotransmitter. These are chemicals which transmit nerve impulses from one synapse to another.

        Infection could be to blame for abnormality, due to germs, bacteria and viruses. An example of this is with Syphilis which sometimes leads to brain deteriation which gave rise to psychotic behaviours such as delusions. This is widely thought to be due to your body unable to cope with the infection effectively.

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Genetic Factors could cause mental illness if you inherit a gene which causes mental illness. A study has shown that twins with the same genes, the concordance rate for schizophrenia is 42% whereas for twins with 50% of the same genes the rate is 9%. Yet the twins with the same genes would have shared the same environment, so this could be to blame rather than the twins having the same genes.

Furthermore many other weaknesses are associated with the biological model. With the study for the MZ and DZ twins there is never a 100% concordance rate, which ...

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