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AS and A Level: Molecules & Cells

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  1. Food Test. Aim: To conduct tests for reducing and non-reducing sugars, starch, lipids and proteins

    Also, in this experiment, the observations during each food test would be recorded and the colour changes would be observed to identify whether each food contain any of the macromolecules which are being tested. Materials/Apparatus: * Glucose solution * Sucrose solution * Starch solution * Iodine/ Potassium Iodide solution * Copper Sulphate solution * Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate solution * Ethanol (90%) * Potassium Hydroxide * Cold water * Vegetable oil * Egg albumen * Bread crumbs * Crushed potato * Test tubes * Test tube holders * Test tube rack * Measuring cylinder * Water bath * Pasteur pipette (dropper)

    • Word count: 1336
  2. The effect of alcohol on the stability of cell membranes-plan for an experiment.

    If and when for any reason the tonoplast is damaged, the various parts of the vacuole will leak out into the surrounding environment. The sharpness of the red color within the environment must be similar to the amount of cellular damage of which the beetroot has gained. This experiment enables me to test the effect of three very different alcohols (methanol, ethanol, as well as 1-propanol) on cell membranes. These alcohols are found within alcoholic beverages of which are taken in social environment.

    • Word count: 2587
  3. The lymphatic system during ill health

    * Lymph leaks out of the blood vessels * Accumulates in the spaces between the cells of body tissues. * Microorganisms are neutralised * Destroyed in the lymph nodes by white blood cells. * The lymph nodes are not swollen like how they do be whilst the body is fighting an infection * All sinuses are clear, however in the nose there is still mucus lining it to trap foreign particles from the air.

    • Word count: 414

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