Cell Structure

Difference between resolution and magnification

Difference between light microscope and electron microscope

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Cell Organelles

Eukaryotic cells

Here's what a star student thought of this essay


Punctuation okay but inconsistent use of full stops. Spelling good for the most part but 'determined' is spelt incorrectly. Grammar is good.

Analysis of the differences between resolution and magnification is correct but this is not the main focus of this essay neither is pure cell structure, rather the main focus is a few different things, such as the structure of cells, the difference between resolution and magnification and the difference between light and electron microscopy. Could have included how to work out resolution and microscopy and perhaps the different levels of microscopy. There are also different types of electron microscopy that are used, and this could be examined in the differences between electron and light microscopy. Good descriptions of the different types of organelles, could include more components such as the nucleolus, the cell wall and cell membrane composition, and perhaps exo and endocytosis. Could also give examples of one or two different types of mammalian and plant cell and how they differ in their structure and relate this to function.

Good overall analysis of cell anatomy. No introduction or conclusion, but this is not needed for this factual rather than investigative piece of coursework. Main body of text is good, although a greater range of organelles could be examined. Response to the question is clear and concise, presented in tables to clearly tabulate differences between organelles and the different components of resolution and magnification and light and electron microscopy.