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March 25, 2012

Cloning is a , a cell product, or organism that is genetically identical to the unit or individual from  it was derived. Nothing more. Here in this research paper we will argue that a copy of a human cell will save human life and even increase the human life longevity. Cloning has always been in science fiction movies, and always remain an inaccessible solution because of many reason such as religion, government law, associations and so on. Nowadays we can easily imagine that a copy of an organ would not be harmful for a human being and would be also a human evolution.  Here we are going to see in which measure the cloning would be acceptable and ethical. If you remember well before the medicine on human was forbidden. On the beginning Christians condemned people to make experience on dead bodies. First scientist has to stay hidden to make experience but nowadays those people save our life today because the try to understand our body even if it was illegal, and today we thanks them. Today we are in the same configuration we are against it because it is not ethical it goes against our belief about human being. Would not we be thankful if our mentality changes about it? We should think about it, about what happened in the middle age. Human being has to face to new disease, which are incurable. Should we stay like this and no doing anything? Of course no! Our survival instinct tells us to act as scientist did before.  We are able to create synthetic blood, to inject seven different gens in a cell in order to make this cell as a new one. We cannot say anymore that we are not playing god, we also modify genetically vegetable as corn. Is this more ethical than create a copy of an organ which already exist? Here we are going to see the historic of the cloning then why cloning might be a good thing and to finish we will see that clone an organ is defendable.

In the past cloning was mostly known by readers of science fiction novels or by science fiction movie watcher. But in recent decades cloning became a reality. The beginning of this science occurs in the 70’s, major advances were made and cloning became a more practical science (source).

The event that made cloning, as a real science for people around the world was the cloning of the first mammal, Dolly the sheep in 1997. This cloning was the most complicated cloning ever made. Dolly was born in 1996 after having been successfully cloned at the Roslin Institute in Scotland by the scientists Keith Campbell and Ian Wilmut (The University of Utah). Her existence was not announced to the world until March 1997 in the science journal. If the group of searcher decided to keep the secret for one year it is because they would ensure that Dolly would stay alive. But also it traduces a fear. They wear frightened by the reaction of different government, the scientist and the people opinion about this major event.

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Although, as it is said before, human cloning is the subject of many science fiction novels and movies. Until now, nobody can claim that a human clone is born. There is no credible record of it ever having been successfully executed. One of the most widely known reports of human cloning is that of Clonaid and its supposed clone Eve born in 2002. Besides Eve, Clonaid claimed to have cloned 12 other people. These cases are not credible though since Clonaid would not agree to a DNA test between mother and child. Clonaid was established by a religious group called ...

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