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Demonstrate an understanding of the theory, principles and practice of separation of liquid mixtures by distillation techniques

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Faculty: Technology Assign/Activity Code: 306/01 Course Title: C&G 0603 - Process Technology Instructions for the use of this cover sheet (1) A cover sheet is required for every activity including presentations (2) Please complete all sections below (3) Staple the cover sheet to your activity Student name: Billy Whelton Unit(s): LEVEL 3 Unit 306: Distillation in the Process Industry Assignment/ Activity title: 01 - Distillation techniques Hand out date: 15-10-2007 Hand in date: 10-12-2007 Graded (Y/N) N Resubmission date for referred work: 17-12-07 Student's comment on activity (if applicable): Student's Signature: ................................................ Date: ................. Assessment Grading Decision (by Assessor). Assessment decision following Verification. Activity designed by Assessed & graded by Key Skills Assessed by Name: Geoff Martin Name: Date: 28-06-05 Date: Internally Moderated by Internally Verified by Name: Name: Date: Date: You must store all marked activities in a portfolio (folder) for External Verification during the academic year. Grading descriptors PASS You have successfully completed all tasks and submitted all evidence as stated. Task Comments Pass Criteria Met Yes/No ALL All areas covered to a good level showing evidence of research and understanding YES Grading Comments Overall Grade P/R P Hand in date for referred work .................. Outcome 1: Demonstrate an understanding of the theory, principles and practice of separation of liquid mixtures by distillation techniques 1. ...read more.


http://www.chemistry.mcmaster.ca/~chem2o6/labmanual/expt3/exp3-int.html c immiscible liquid mixtures. In the case when two immiscible liquids are sealed in a container, the vapour pressure that is measured is only the pressure of the liquid that is floating on top of the other. If the two liquids are agitated, the vapour pressure and the boiling point of the liquid mixture will be lower than that of both the two liquids. 5. state and explain Dalton's law of partial pressures. Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure: The pressure of a mixture of gases is equal to the sum of the pressures of all of the constituent gases alone. Mathematically, this can be represented as: PressureTotal = Pressure1 + Pressure2 ... Pressuren This basically says that the total pressure is the same as the sum of each individual component pressure. 6. state and explain how Raoult's law can be used to calculate the total vapour pressure of ideal binary liquid mixtures. Raoult's Law states that: The vapour pressure of a solution of a non-volatile solute is equal to the vapour pressure of the pure solvent at that temperature multiplied by its mole fraction. It can be used to calculate the total vapour pressure of an ideal binary liquid mixture as using the mathematical equation, derived from the number of different liquids involved and their concentrations. ...read more.


Azeotropic distillation incorporates the use of an entrainer, or solvent, to help facilitate the distillation process. This is to lower the boiling point of the azeotrope that is contained in the solution so that full distillation can occur. If this entrainer were not present, then the maximum level of distillation that would be possible would be up to approximately 96% which is not pure enough for certain processes. f steam Steam distillation is used when temperature sensitive materials are involved in the distillation process. The steam is used to lower the boiling points of the compounds involved in the process due to temperature sensitive, organic compounds decomposing and breaking down at high, sustained temperatures. If the temperatures are still too high, this process can also be combined with vacuum distillation. g vacuum Vacuum distillation lowers the pressure in the top of the tower, thus reducing the vapour pressure and lowering the boiling point of the fluids contained. This makes evaporation of the components with a very high boiling point easier, producing more saleable product. h pressure. Pressure distillation is another term for vacuum distillation. [D1]a liquid's tendency to evaporate increases with rising temperatures [D2]pressure of a vapour where the air in the surrounding atmosphere is saturated [D3]the partial pressure of each gas in a mixture of gases is the pressure it would have if it occupied the same volume on its own [D4]found by totalling the partial pressures of each ideal gas in a mixture of gases ?? ?? ?? ?? Vocational Assignment ...read more.

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