Describe the structure and purpose of the lymphatic system .

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describe the structure and purpose of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is a network of small tubes that has the function of an extensive drainage system. This drainage network helps keep the body intact by keeping body fluid levels balanced so that the body can fight infections effectively. The small tube system that is present in the body drains lymph fluid from all over the body. Lymph tissues are scattered all over the body in many major organs. Places in the body such as the heart, the lungs, liver, intestines, skin, spleen, bone marrow, thymus glands, tonsils and lymph nodes are all places that lymph nodes are present. Lymph nodes are also present in the body that can be found in the groin, armpits, neck, abdomen areas, chest, and pelvis. These lymph nodes are identified and separated from the tissues in the body due to its structure. The lymph nodes have a round doughnut shaped structure.

The function of this particular complex system is to collect lymph fluid from the tissues and the body and return this back to the blood. If excess fluid that constantly leaks from the tiny blood capillaries was not removed then this fluid would build up around the surrounding body tissues, this could potentially prove to be very dangerous. Therefore, the lymphatic system drains away all the excess fluid protecting the body from infections and germs like viruses. Bacteria and viruses are constantly spreading throughout the body; however the lymphatic nodes also consist of a certain type of white blood cell. This makes anti bodies which fight off germs such as bacteria and viruses. Fighting of these germs and bacteria prevents the body from infections and the spread of disease. The lymphatic system destroys pathogens and filters waste so that the lymph’s are not destroyed and can carry on with their process. The lymphatic system also works with the circulatory system in order to deliver, nutrients and oxygen from the blood to the cell’s in the same way it also delivers hormones from the blood to the cells in order to make up the different tissues of the body.

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Spleens in the lymphatic system helps defend the body itself as it contains lymphocytes and macrophages that destroy bacteria, dead tissue and foreign bodes that enter the body. The lymphatic system also has the function of carrying different substances such as salt, glucose and proteins through the body. The lymphatic system contains lymph. These lymph’s originate in the body as plasma.

M5- Explain how the lymphatic system protects the body

The lymphatic system is made up of many different vital specialized cells, each of these cells play a role in protecting the body. The system also contains proteins ...

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