Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of genetic engineering? Discuss this statement with specific reference to Gattaca

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Halina Patel

Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of genetic engineering? Discuss this statement with specific reference to Gattaca

Genetic engineering is the alteration of genetic code by artificial means, and is therefore different from traditional selective breeding. Genetic engineering have many advantages to life although the disadvantages can have disastrous effects on human life as it is, sometimes genetic engineering can cause concern because of the ruthless application of genetic discrimination that would have a major social impact on occupations, qualifying for health insurance, and family/personal relations, as reflected in the film. If the technology was available, there will be those interested and privileged enough to pay whatever cost to attain the best opportunities out of life for them and/or their family. Their intention it seems is to set the trend towards widening the bridge between the genetically perfect and the ‘imperfect’, therefore giving them the advantage over the latter - a step up in life. The issue of private health insurance obviously strikes a stronger chord with US audiences who are more heavily dependent on private insurance than a 'national health service', but the same will clearly increasingly apply here in the UK. Many people believe that genetic engineering will help humans in their struggle for life and that is why most of the advantages outweigh the disadvantages hugely as it will benefit humans and save lives but there are a few disadvantages to the generation of engineering which can cause disturbing effects to the human race once brought legal into these world as will be explained later in this essay.

Firstly the advantages explained for genetic engineering begin, as there is easy production of otherwise rare products such as human growth hormone, or insulin. Ability to make products such as Rennet without using animals so it is safe for vegetarians. People are able to have their very own genetic organs in animals for donors. Vegetables with different tastes or colours. Plants those are resistant to disease or lack of water. Plants that grow extra quickly to increase yield. The disadvantages begin as it is altering with nature. It is tampering with Gods will. There are unknown diseases that can be transferred without anyone knowing. It could create a second-class human being, this would refer to Gattaca where ‘genetically imperfect’ beings that are deemed to the minorities and the underclass of society. Companies could rip off poor countries in the third world with seeds that only yield one harvest. Can accidentally create killer diseases or animals that no one can stop. Genetic engineering borderlines on many moral issues, particularly involving religion, which questions whether man has the right to manipulate the laws and course of nature.

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The advantages seem to outweigh the disadvantages with reference to Gattaca where in this film behind the premises lies the vision of a future where you can predetermine the genetic make-up of a human being. There will no longer be the need for natural conception. Instead, for those able to afford it, babies will be immaculately conceived in a test-tube, thereby classing the world into two distinct categories: 'Valids' for the genetically perfect and 'In-Valids' for those anything less so. Free from human virtues and flaws, a genetically perfect human being will live a healthier and generally, a better life ...

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