Experiment to Investigate the Resistance Of Brine Soaked Paper

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Experiment to Investigate the Resistance Of Brine Soaked Paper

This experiment aims to investigate the resistance of brine soaked paper when an electrical current is passed through it.



 Previous experiments have taught me that the electrical resistance will rely on several key variables.  These include the length of paper, its thickness but most importantly the number of sodium and chlorine ions carrying the charge.  Knowing this, I have decided to investigate the concentration of brine in this experiment.  To provide an accurate prediction, I must research into the scientific details in this experiment and recall information from previous investigations.  This will give me a greater understanding of the experiment’s implications and likely results.


Ionic compounds do not have a molecular structure, but form a three-dimensional array of ions called a crystal lattice.  In a crystal of sodium chloride, the ions are arranged so that each Na+ ion is surrounded by six Cl- ions and vice versa.  Because the ions are held rigidly in place by the electrostatic attractions between any one ion and the oppositely charged ion surrounding it, these compounds tend to be very brittle.  They do not conduct electricity when in a solid state, since the ions are not mobile.  However, when in solution or in the molten state, ionic compounds will conduct electricity by the movement of ions.


In this investigation, two electrodes will be placed on paper soaked in brine and an electrical current will be applied.  The sodium chloride is in a solution with water so that the ions are free to disassociate.  The sodium ions should migrate to the negative electrode and the chloride ions migrate to the positive electrode, causing an electrical current to flow. 

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Having singled out the most influential factor, and researched into the formation and qualities of the sodium chloride compound, I have formed a prediction.  I predict that the higher the concentration of sodium chloride in the brine solution, the lower the resistance.  This prediction is based upon the fact that at a higher concentration, there will be more sodium chloride ions creating lower resistance.




1.       Connect the circuit, ensuring that the voltmeter is in parallel with the brine soaked paper.


To investigate the resistance of brine soaked paper; I will set up an electronic circuit. ...

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