Explain how the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are interrelated

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Explain how the digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are interrelated

There are many systems within the body; all the systems have to work with one another in order to keep the body going and functioning as it should. The respiratory system, cardiovascular system and the respiratory systems are one of the few systems that are interrelated within the body and that work together in order to keep the body functioning. The respiratory and cardiovascular system both interrelate within the complex system of the human body, as firstly the oxygen that enters the body is inhaled and enters the respiratory system. This oxygen then travels through the trachea into the lungs following on to the alveoli and diffusing through the alveolar wall. This is so that it can then go through the capillary wall and enters into the cardiovascular system. The oxygen that travels and diffuses through the respiratory system then reaches the cardiovascular system. These two systems work very closely together to ensure that every tissue within the human body receives oxygen, and that carbon dioxide is removed from the body. The oxygen that is breathed in is transferred to the blood; this blood is then circulated by the heart. This then oxygenates blood throughout the body from the lungs.

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The digestive system is also another system within the body that interrelates with the respiratory system. This is so that it is able to act like a defence mechanism to the body. An example of when these two systems interrelate is when micro-organisms enter the body, the cells within the respiratory tract have the ability to produce large amounts of mucous that acts as a defence mechanism getting rid of the micro- organism in the body. Both systems also work together by providing nutrients in order for aerobic respiration to be carried out. The first part of the aerobic respiration ...

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