Extended essay on “GM Crops”

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Extended essay on “GM Crops”

In this essay I am going to take all about all the pros and cons on growing genetically modified crops. There will be many titles come up that have caused roughs ion many houses of parliaments around the world. The idea of this essay is to let you decide weather or not you would like the genetic engineering to continue and weather you would eat the food that would come out on the shelves of our shops.

Introduction to GM Crops.

What are gm crops?

        They are crops that have been grown by an unnatural means. When they are made into eatable products that we would buy in our shops this leaves traces of the copying of the genes. Genetically engineered foods containing genes derived from bacteria and viruses are now starting to appear in the shops (foods with insect, fish, and animal genes will soon follow) These genetic changes are largely different from those resulting from traditional methods of growing crops. Yet, the sale of these foods is being permitted without proper assessment of the risks and without appropriate confrontation for the public, even though many scientists say that genetically modified foods could cause serious damage to health and the environment.

        These are two points to enhance your knowledge of GM crops…
…why do we do it? Scientists want to transfer desirable qualities from one organism to another, for example, to make a crop resistant to an herbicide or to enhance food value.
…is it necessary? At first sight it may seem appealing. However, closer examination reveals that commercial and political motives are taking precedence with little regard to the possible dangers. We already have the ability to feed the world's population without the risks posed by genetic engineering. Why subject humanity to these unnecessary risks?

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Genes are the blueprints for every part of an organism. Genetic engineering is the process of artificially modifying these blueprints. By cutting and joining parts of DNA-genetics, scientists can transfer genes specific to one type of organism into any other organism on earth. e.g.  transferring potato genes to strawberry plants trying to enhance there growing rate, the size of the strawberries ect.                                                                      


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