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Factors Affecting The Size of Current Flowing Around a Circuit.

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Factors Affecting The Size of Current Flowing Around a Circuit

To investigate this we first setup an experiment, a circuit diagram of this experiment is below.


For this experiment I predict that the current size will decrease as resistance increases, when voltage stays the same value. Also, as voltage increases, so will the current.

I predict this due to knowledge that the battery voltage provides energy to move around a circuit, therefore if the voltage is doubled, then the current will be doubled. Also, I know that the current value depends on the value of the resistor as the resistor offers resistance or opposition to moving current. Therefore if resistance is doubled, the current should halve.

To test this prediction we did an experiment to see how current changed as resistance increased.

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To help to see these results more clearly I have made the graph overleaf with lines of best fit to show the results.

As you can see from the graph there is a relation with each line; all current values increase in proportion to the voltage increase and also the current values get smaller when a higher resistance (ohm) value of resistor is used.

The gradients of the lines on the graph show a relation between the different values of resistors. This is that the steeper the gradient the lower the resistance of the component.

From the graph and table of results I have been able to form an equation to show the relation between Voltage, Current and Resistance.




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If I were to do this experiment again then I would try to make my results more accurate and reliable by doing the following;

Using the exact same model resistor to ensure reliability for their values,

Using new same model batteries to ensure accuracy of their values,

Also by using a digital ammeter to ensure no problems of reading off the meter which could cause results to be less reliable.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Electrical & Thermal Physics section.

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