Gcse Physics Course Work (Resistance)

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MY PLAN: My experiment will find if resistance paper obeys ohms law. I am going to investigate if length and width affect the paper in any way.

MY AIM IS: My aim is to find out if the resistance paper obeys ohms law and to find out if the length and the width effect the resistance in any way, I hope to find of the width and the length effects in any way.

THE TASK:I have been asked to investigate the physical properties of resistance paper, I have decided to concentrate on three main areas being the width, length, and if resistance paper obeys ohms law

BACKGROUND SCIENCE: My background science is quite some use to me in this experiment because I know the definition of ohms law and I therefore look at my results and see if they affect ohms law and obey it the definition is: An electrical device in an electrical circuit obeys ohms law if the current in the device is directly proportional to the potential difference across, the device provided we have a constant temperature. I also have found some useful formula such as        this should help me through out my final experiment.

AIM: My aim of this project is to find out more about resistance and if it reacts to electricity being past through the paper and if width and length affect it in any way  

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HYPOTHESIS: My hypothesis is that the resistance will obey ohms law and I believe the graph and the results will show that the resistance paper obeys ohms law the graphs will tend to suggest that the paper does obey ohms law.

    The width of the resistance paper I believe will affect the resistance paper in a very different way from the ohms law experiment I feel that the width when being reduced the resistance will rapidly fall.

     The length is my other experiment I believe that it stands to reason that as you ...

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