How Aids affects world population

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What is Aids, and does it affect World population?

Aids are the mutation of a virus called HIV (Human Immunodeficiency virus). HIV infects cells in the immune system and the central nervous system. The main type of cell that HIV infects is the T helper lymphocyte. These cells play an important role in our immune system, by coordinating the actions of other immune system cells. When there is a large reduction of T helper cells, the immune system is severely weakened. HIV infects the T helper cell because it has the protein CD4 on its surface; HIV uses it to attach itself to the cell before gaining entry. This is why the T helper cell is sometimes referred to as a CD4+ lymphocyte. Once it is inside the cell, HIV makes new copies of itself, which can then go on to infect other cells. In time HIV infection leads to a severe reduction in the number of T helper cells available to help fight disease. This may take several years. 1.

Helper T Cells.

Helper T cells are T lymphocytes that belong to the CD4+ subset. These cells have a number of direct functions but they get their name from the help provide to other types of effectors cells, such as B cells and cytotoxi T lymphocytes AKA CTLs. The help secreted cytokines that simulate the helped cells. 2

Transmission of HIV:

Vaginal Sex

HIV is found in the sexual fluids of an infected person. For males, this means the pre-come and semen fluids that come out through the penis before or during sexual intercourse. For Females, it means the virus is in the vaginal fluids that are created by the vagina to it clean and to aid through intercourse.

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 If fully developed man with HIV was to have sexual intercourse through the vagina         without any protection, (condom) then HIV virus is passed into the woman’s body through the lining of the vagina, cervix, and womb. The risk of being infected by the virus is increased if the woman has a cut or sore inside or around her vagina, this allows easier access for the virus to enter the woman’s bloodstream. Not all are visible to the naked eye, and could be too small to notice.

Likewise if a fully developed female, infected with HIV virus ...

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