How light intensity affects biodiversity

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How Light Intensity Affects Biodiversity

Introduction                :        I chose to do a study into how light intensity affects biodiversity because I thought it would be an interesting and unusual topic to investigate.  Also, one of the themes we do is on organisms and the environment, and part of that topic is water and light are important to living organisms.  I carried out my investigation at the top of the slope at the side of the sports hall, and I took all of my results at the same level.  The source of shade was two trees near the top of the slope.  I am going to test the hypothesis that the higher the light intensity, the more species there will be.  I believe this because plants need light to grow, so I would think that where it is lighter, more plants would be vying for it.  I will be measuring the amount of species and the percentage of ground they cover, (and how much ground is bear,) inside the area I am using.  

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Method                :        I used a quadrat, a light meter and a string with markings every 1 ½ m.  I decided on a level that I would take all my results from which had a range of different intensity’s of light and decided on a point to start where I would get a decent number of results.  From there I laid out the string to make it easier to keep the results equal distances apart, (½ m apart.)  I put the quadrat down, using the string as a guideline of where to place it, and counted the number of squares containing each ...

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There has clearly been effort that has gone into collecting the results; however there are issues with this report: 1. There are lots of subheadings missing. 2. The report does not contain any researched information on the effects of light of the growth of plants. 3. The report is missing several sections including an evaluation. ***