How organelles work together

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Task 4

How organelles work together to produce a product

Organelles usually work together to produce proteins to be exported out of the cell or to become part of it. The genes give instructions to the cell on how to make the proteins. First, the nucleus makes messenger RNA from the instructions by DNA. The messenger RNA then travels out of the nuclear pores into the cytoplasm and then it gets translated into amino acid sequences by ribosomes which are found on the rough ER. The rough ER has two functions which are to make membranes and to change proteins. Then the ribosomes’ synthesising starts with the code AUG and then continues with 3 other nucleotides until it reaches the codons UAA, UGA and UAG. The codons tell the ribosomes to stop producing proteins as the protein is completed.  

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When the polypeptide is made, it is sent to the rough ER where it folds into and 3D from amino acids. When the molecule is ready to be exported, the rough ER packages the molecule into a vesicle. The vesicle then comes off from the rough ER and travels to the Golgi apparatus.

The Golgi apparatus stores molecules and finishes the molecules. It picks up vesicles from the rough ER and then sends the finished product to the cell membrane to be sent out of the cell or to become a part of the cell’s organelles. When the Golgi ...

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