Investigate the effect of on exercise on the heart rate.

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Investigate the effect of on exercise on the heart rate.

Aim: To find out if there is any relevant link between the amounts of exercise taken to increase a person heart rate.

Equipment needed:

  • Stop watch
  • Screen volunteer
  • P.E kit
  • Calculator
  • Record sheet

Type of exercise:  skip for few minutes , then break in between and again repeat it once or twice.

Method: First of all, we needed to take the resting heart rate of the person who is about to skip.

Then, with the stopwatch one person should be timing how long and the other person should be skipping for about few minutes. The person skipping still continues skipping until the partner tells the person to stop. Immediately the person should find his/her pulse rate and the person should start counting the amount of times the heart beats for a minute or long. Again, the partner will be timing this. Lastly, after recording the heart rate the person should wait for its heart rate to return back to its resting heart rate and again the partner should time it and record the results in the table.

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In order for my experiment to be fair and gain accurate results I carried out two or three more  times so that to see if there have been any changes to the results. I also consider the following points as I thought they would also make a huge difference. Such as I made sure that it was done accurately, not be under the time limit or over. Do not let the person stop skipping in the middle of the exercise because it will make an impact in the results.

I needed to ask some questions for ...

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