Investigate the factories, which affects the extension of a metal spring.

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Extension of a metal spring investigation


        In this experiment I will try to investigate the factories, which affects the extension of a metal spring.

Background information                                                                             _                                        I think in this experiment as you increase the force on a metal spring then the metal spring stretches, and as you increase force more and more the metal spring will increase more. And we call this TENSILE STRENGTH. A piece of a metal spring can be compressed by equal and opposite force applied to its ends. When the force are removed, the metal spring will returns to its original shape. I think the following factors affect the extension of a metal spring:

  • The Length.
  • The thickness.
  • The applied force.
  • The material of the spring.
  1. The length will affects the extension of a metal spring this is because the longer the spring will be the greater the extension will be.
  2. The thickness I think this will affect the extension on a spring because the thicker the spring the less extension will be.
  3. The greater the force will be the greater the extension will be.
  4. the material of the spring will affect the extension because different materials got different strength
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I predict that the extension will be proportional to the stretching force so long as the string is not permanently stretched. This means that the results should be near enough consistent while increasing in the extension until I reach the end of the experiment.  

Safety Precautions:

I am going to make my experiment safe by wearing safety goggles, just in case the spring breaks and bounces back to my eye. Also I am going to keep the experiment in the middle of the table because if the spring passes its elastic limit, the clamp will ...

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