Investigate the resistance if 12 volt bulb when the current changes.

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Aim: to investigate the resistance if 12 volt bulb when the current changes.  

Prediction: I predict that as the current increases the temperature of the lamp will also increase; therefore the resistance will also increase. I know this because I have read it in the AQA syllabus.


Safety: I need to ensure the safety of myself and others by making sure that the experiment is conducted accurately and safely.

  • Apparatus should be placed in a safe place and put away safely.
  • Electrical plugs should be switched off after use.  
  • The area should be kept dry and taps should be switched off.  

Variables: I will only be changing the current by moving the variable resistor.

I will repeat the experiment twice so that I can be sure of my readings and see if anything has changed or gone wrong. I will take 12 readings at 0.1 amps intervals.


  • Voltmeter
  • Ammeter
  • Variable resistor
  • 12 volt lamp
  • Battery pack (set at 12 volts )
  • Leads


  1. Using the apparatus listed above I will set up the following circuit:
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Variable resistor




Battery pack


  1. I will do a preliminary test to find the range of current in amps. I will do this by moving the variable resistor to its lowest and highest points and noting down the amps. In this case the lowest point is 0.5 and the highest is 1.6 amps.

  1. I will start with 0.5 amps, working systematically, I will note down the voltage every 0.1 amps. I will do this until I reach the ...

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