Investigation in the extension of an elastic band

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Catherine Needham 12SL                Physics Practical – 07/11/02

Investigation in the extension of an elastic band

Aim & Hypothesis

I anticipate that an increase in the load on the elastic band will result in an increase in the extension of it. I think that the extension will be proportional to the load on the elastic band. I think that there will be a certain amount or energy lost and that this will increase proportionally as the load increase. This will be lost due to heat energy.



This experiment does not carry many hazards. Bags and coats will be moved out of the way to ensure that no one will trip over them. Whilst loading the elastic band care will be taken to make sure that the elastic band is loading carefully to try and ensure it does not snap. However I will be wearing satfey glasses to prevent injuries to my eyes if the band does snap. I will use some kg masses to stop the retort stand sliding of the desk.

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Independent Variable:        Load (kg) the masses which I am applying to the elastic band.

Dependent Variable:        Extension (m) to the elastic band

I have used the same equipment throughout the experiment (including the same elastic band) to ensure that the experiment is as fair as possible.



The apparatus was set up as shown on the previous page. I measured the ‘extension’ of the elastic band when it was not loaded. Then I loaded the elastic ...

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