Investigation into Hookes Law - investigate the effect of mass on the extension of a spring.

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Investigation into Hookes Law


To investigate the effect of mass on the extension of a spring.


My prediction is that, as you increase the mass, the extension of the spring will also increase. E.g. the double the mass, the double the extension. So I am saying that the results should be near enough consistent while increasing in the extension until I reach the end of the experiment. I will now support this prediction with some scientific knowledge. Hookes law is when forces are applied to a solid object which can result in extension. Hookes law is also able to predict how a spring (or other stretchable object) when force is applied to it. So this will show extension into the spring after the force is applied.


The equipment which will be required for the testing of Hookes Law are:

  • Clamp and Stand
  • Weights 50grams each
  • A measuring apparatus (preferable a 1 metre ruler)
  • Spring


Fair Test:

I will try to keep this a fair test by only investigating 1 variable. So these are the things that will stay the same through out the experiment:

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  • The Thickness of the spring
  • The length of the spring
  • The material of the spring

The things that will vary throughout the experiment will be the mass and the extension. But I will only investigate and vary the mass myself because the extension will change as a cause of the mass being changed.

This test will be kept fair by using the same weights making sure they are all 50 grams and I will place them on the spring carefully and wait to measure it when the spring has stopped moving. The most important factor I ...

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