Investigation to find out whether or not it is correct to call a rubber band elastic.

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                                        Elastic band investigation

Aim: - to find out whether or not it is correct to call a rubber band elastic.

Plan: - The factors affecting the elasticity of a rubber band are:

  • Downward force applied to the band
  • The type of rubber the band is made from.
  • The length of the band
  • Cross sectional area of band

The variable I am going to investigate is the effect of weight on the rubber band. This is a continuous variable. I am going to measure the distance the rubber band has stretched after each amount of weight is placed on it. I am going to keep taking lengths until the band brakes.

Pilot test: -

To decide what amount of mass to step up in I am going to run a preliminary experiment. I am going to find the elastic limit of three rubber bands. To do this I added weights until the band snapped.

To work out how many masses to go up in I am going to divide the number of masses at which the band broke into 10 equal pieces. This gives me 2.2, 2.0 and 2.5 as 2 is the average round number I will use this.

To make the experiment a fair test I will do the experiment three times to gain a fair average. Each of these times I will also use the same type of rubber band as a different type of rubber could effect how far the band will stretch and therefore my results. I will also try to add the weights gently so that the force of it being applied to the band does not affect my results.

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As a safety measure I will wear goggles in case when the rubber band reaches its elastic limit and brakes, it damages my eyes. I will also do my experiment away from others so as not to put them at any risk.

Method: -

Firstly, I will use a clamp stand and boss clamp to suspend a rubber band from. I will then add weights systematically going up in twos measuring the length the band has stretched after each weight has been added using a 30cm ruler.

Equipment list: -

  • Clamp stand and boss clamp
  • ...

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