Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?

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Is Space Exploration Worth the Cost?


In this report I will investigate if space exploration is worth the cost of its budget. I will provide evidence for both side of argument and will include information about how satellites work. Finally I will come to a conclusion as to whether I think and space exploration is worth the cost and will evaluate all of the sources that I have used.


Space exploration is the use of astronomy and space technology to explore outer space.The US spends $18.7 billion on space exploration every year, but the big question going through many minds is “Is it really worth the cost?” I will identify reasons for and against the spending of this money on space exploration and will include examples of perceived better uses for the designated budget.

Reasons for Space Exploration Being Worth the Cost:

Important new technologies which advance the economy are created through space exploration. For every dollar spent on the space program, the U.S. economy receives about $8 of economic benefit [1]. Some of these main advances in technology which shape our lives today include flat panel televisions, G.P.S, computer operations and mobile phones [2].

Space exploration has also provided technologies which save lives as well as entertain and convenient them. For example space exploration allows the prediction and management of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Without this many people would suffer from the devastating effects of natural disasters and would not have the opportunity to evacuate an area before a disaster occurred. Important medical developments such as breast cancer detection and biopsy systems, ultrasound scanners and cataract surgery tools have also developed from space technologies. Solar energy, a key alternate energy source to unsustainable fossil fuels, is another technology that has advanced from space [2].

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Tax dollars spent on space projects result in jobs, a large proportion of which are high paying, high tech positions. Space exploration generates infinitely more wealth than it spends and royalties on NASA patents and licenses currently go directly to the U.S. Treasury, not back to NASA [1].

All of America’s human space flight programs currently cost around $7 billion ...

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