Measuring the temperature in a greenhouse using a thermistor.

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Measuring the temperature in a greenhouse using a thermistor


I have decided to measure the temperature of a greenhouse using a thermistor in a potential divider circuit. A thermistor is a temperature sensor whose resistance will increase or decrease with temperature change depending on what type of resistor.

An alternative for this experiment could have been measuring light levels in a greenhouse using an LDR. A light sensor in a green house could tell you when and where in the greenhouse the most intense sunlight is, which you could you use to aid your growing skills.

I decided to design a temperature sensor for a greenhouse using a thermistor, as temperature can be critical in growing plants especially if it gets too hot or too cold.

I have decided to use a 100K NTC precision thermistor as it can measure a range of temps from – 50 to 110 degrees C, and in Britain temperature range from around –10 to 50 degrees C, so my thermistor will cover these ranges.

As my thermistor is an NTC this means that as temperature decreases its resistance increases, and when temperature increases its resistance decreases.


Firstly I need to collect my apparatus and set the circuit up.



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                 1800 Ohm Resistor

                  5v Power supply

                  Crocodile clips

Next I need to measure the maximum resistance of the thermistor at my middle range value. For my experiment I will be using a 1800 Ohm resistor. I will be measuring my output voltage of off my resistor in parallel.

During my experiment I am going to be measuring sensitivity, drift ...

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